Borrower Terms & Conditions

Your Responsibilities

As a Borrower when submitting a request form on our website, you take full responsibility for all items while out on loan and agree to return them on the designated Return Date in their exact condition. As a first-time Borrower we may ask you to provide personal verification details such as your government-issued photo ID, address, and contact details.

Damages & Cleaning

As a Borrower you agree to be fully responsible for any damages and/or cleaning required on returned garments at the discretion of Bleach PR. Any damages or cleaning expenses will be charged in full to the stylist at the price listed on the invoice for immediate repayment. While we use our own due diligence to record the condition of items loaned and returned by Borrowers, it is important that you verify the items you take out on loan and inform us of any damages that differ from how they are represented in the photos on our website.

In general, we aim to work with Borrowers who we can develop confidence and professional relationships with whereby we can protect the interests of all of our clients in providing an easy and straightforward service.

Designer/Owner Rights

Our Clients who are the designers and/or owners of the borrowed items reserve the right to share credited content which feature borrowed items online and across media platforms.